AI Ethics

At PersonaFin, we firmly believe our AI-powered solutions should broaden financial understanding, not influence trading. That is why trust and ethics are fundamental to our solutions.

We empower your users through personalized insights – but prescriptive advice is never our role. Our aim is to facilitate research, not trade execution.

With robust ethical guardrails in place, we can focus on our mission – helping your users shine a light on areas of the market they have yet to discover.

Our Ethical AI Principles

We abide by five core principles to guide our development and applications of AI


Our models and suggestions are designed for interpretability. Users can understand the rationale behind specific insights through explanations. This maintains clear understanding of the system’s logic rather than opaque AI.


Our algorithms undergo rigorous testing to avoid biases and ensure fair outcomes across user demographics. Reviews identify any potential issues early. Models consistently learn to make impartial decisions.


Clear procedures enforce evaluations of our AI systems and user impact. Internal audits and external reviews help us take full accountability and address concerns rapidly without any disruption to our services.


Our AI aims to elevate users and augment their experiences – not prescribe rigid outcomes. Suggestions provide personalized guidance while users maintain complete autonomy over their trading behaviors.


While ambitious, we ensure our pursuits align to positive platform and business goals. Strict reviews assess potential harms before any concept proceeds to prevent unethical objectives that may adversely affect user experiences.

Let’s address the elephant in the room.
We facilitate the discovery of instruments and content. We don’t encourage trade execution.


Our AI is designed to expand financial understanding through personalized insights, not influence outcomes. Suggestions aim to uncover relevant discoveries aligned with user interests – never to prescribe trades.

Users maintain full autonomy and responsibility over all investment and trading decisions and can choose to opt out of data collection to receive a more generalised experience.

AI Bias

We ensure fairness and inclusivity in our AI systems through rigorous testing and auditing. We use anonymous user behavior data to avoid biases and employ diverse datasets and development teams to ensure impartial outcomes. Our commitment to transparency, continuous audits, and ethical guidelines ensures that our AI solutions are trustworthy and equitable.

Any issues identified through rigorous testing are addressed immediately to guarantee fair outcomes to both our customers and their users.

Data privacy

We adhere to global data protection laws and apply security best practices like end-to-end encryption, access controls, data isolation, and protocol governance to protect user data and maintain compliance.

Your data is handled with the utmost care and we are fully transparent around the handling of the behavioral data that we capture and process.

Want to hear more about our AI Ethics policies?

At PersonaFin, we recognize the immense responsibility of developing AI to empower your users. That’s why ethics and transparency are central to our approach.

Get in touch today to discuss our policies, auditing procedures, and governance protocols that ensure PersonaFin AI earns user trust through accountable innovation.