PersonaFin AI

PersonaFin’s AI Cloud - Our Powerhouse Behind Financial Personalization

Welcome to PersonaFin’s AI Cloud, where leading-edge technology meets hyper- personalized financial experiences.This responsive ecosystem intimately understands each user and optimizes their experience.

Siloed data converges into unified intelligence,revealing insights that better serve customersand business goals in equal measure. With PersonaFin, your roadmap evolves from reactive to predictive.

Our AI Cloud is the bedrock of our advanced personalization capabilities. In order to deliver personalized financial experiences to users, we leverage three key behavior verticals – User Behavior, Content Behavior, and Market Behavior.

We ingest these data streams into the PersonaFin AI Cloud, where our personalization AI makes sense of these data parallels in real-time and creates actionable insights for individual users that enable the discovery of relevant content & instruments.

Financial Content Behaviors

Financial content chronicles how participants are reacting and predicting changes in the macro landscape. Analyzing a baseline of typical content patterns allows us to identify emerging topics, anomalies, and trends that we use to ensure your users never miss a move.

We ingest diverse content types for personalized delivery. Our sophisticated Natural Language Processing (NLP) enriches a unified data model with financial securities and valuable  topics.

User Behaviors

Processes and interprets a wealth of customer behavior data. By identifying and prioritizing the most valuable behaviors, our AI delivers astute insights into when users need support or education, and what kind of content or recommendations they would most appreciate.

Additionally, the AI’s suggestion engine rules and weightings are configurable by our customers, ensuring total control over the personalized experiences that users receive.

Financial Market Behaviors

The heartbeat of the markets. This refers to the regular rhythm of economic and financial data that drives pricing and sentiment. Key indicators like interest rates, jobs figures, and consumer price index cause constant fluctuation in the prices of instruments.

We consume vast amounts of market data allowing us to personalize the experiences of individual users whilst keeping the context of the current markets at the core of all experiences that we deliver.

PersonaFin’s Knowledge Graph

Our Solution to Mapping Financial Data Relationships Between Instruments

Truly personalized experiences require tapping into diverse, interconnected data. That’s why PersonaFin built advanced Knowledge Graph technology into the core of our cloud.

This Knowledge Graph merges cross-context intelligence – combining rich behavioral insights, entity relationships, and market knowledge into a web of actionable connections.

By managing the complex web of data relationships, our Knowledge Graph unlocks the next level of personalization. Experiences become not just personalized, but predictive and responsive.

Surfacing Obscure Instrument Relationships

The PersonaFin Knowledge Graph goes beyond surface-level connections, mapping obscure relationships between instruments, events, and data to uncover hidden insights.

By linking instruments to competitors, economic events, and related instruments, our graph reveals unseen correlations and data intersections. Our AI Cloud utilizes this deeper relationship mapping to derive non-obvious discoveries and surface personalized suggestions that give users an edge.

Obscure insights drive discovery. PersonaFin’s Knowledge Graph brings these hidden opportunities to light through the power of relationships.

Data Security and Governance

At PersonaFin, safeguarding customer trust through rigorous data security and responsible AI is paramount.We adhere to the globally recognized ISO 27001 standards for information security management, ensuring financial data is handled with the utmost care.

Additionally, our AI ethics policy provides guidance on using PersonaFin technology responsibly and for the benefit of your customers. By upholding the highest security and ethical standards, PersonaFin aims to earn customer trust and facilitate personalized financial experiences that enrich lives.

Ready to Start Your Personalization Journey?

The PersonaFin AI Cloud was purpose-built to power hyper-personalized financial experiences. Our robust Knowledge Graph, predictive models, and optimization technology uniquely address the complexities of personalization in finance.

Get in touch today to see how our secure, scalable cloud platform can help you engage users like never before with tailored journeys that evolve with their needs. Let us guide you in delivering experiences that are not just personalized, but predictive and responsive.