The PersonaFin Personalization Framework

Our strategic framework provides flexibility for your
organization to implement personalization capabilities in a
phased and measured manner.

With three distinct stages – Emerging, Adaptive and Innovate – our methodology allows you to adopt personalization at your own pace.

Quick wins establish value and validate the partnership while the full potential of personalization come into focus over time as long-term objectives are realized.


The Emerging stage is designed for implementing hyper-personalization at the lowest cost with minimal amount of technical and compliance resources. This kickstarts the process of embedding personalization across the organization.

  • UI elements supplied for quick implementation
  • APIs required for powering UI are applied
  • No external data sources other than the web behavior capture library
  • Managed hosting, content partnerships, data security, and data science
  • Proven to increase in-platform engagement by over 29%

The Adaptive stage represents the middle ground, ingesting real-time data sources across the enterprise to deliver several personalized consumer experiences at once. Limited data is also made available for internal usage.

  • More flexibility and ability to innovate with an adaptable personalization engine
  • Multiple data sets consumed and considered by the AI
  • Multiple hyper-personalization touch points working collectively to improve the user experience
  • Customize existing UI elements such as search feed, news feed, and email templates

The Innovate stage offers customer-led hyper-personalization experiences at scale for those going through a digita transformation heavily reliant on hyper-personalization. Our APIs give your internal teams the creative freedom to design personalized experiences as they see fit.

  • No limitation on data sets ingested or produced
  • Full access to all data produced by the AI platform
  • Complete control over the personalization engine with full access to our API stack
  • Collaboration with PersonaFin’s data scientists, engineers,and UX/UI experts
  • Ability to create unique personalization experiences with proprietary content

personafin personalization framework

Our framework provides recommended products and capabilities matched to your organization’s current readiness stage. These are guidelines only -you have full
flexibility to select components that best meet your strategic goals.Our solutions are designed to be modular and configurable to your needs.



User Solutions
  • User Behavior Ingestion
  • Personalized News Feed
  • Trending Stories
  • Intelligent Search
  • Personalized Emails
  • Market Consensus
  • Media Consensus
  • Personalized Education
Additional Integrations
  • Trade Data Ingestion
  • Additional Content Sources
Data Solutions
  • Content Intelligence
  • Publisher Intelligence
  • Behavioral Intelligence
  • PersonaFin API Suite
  • Compliance Guard







Ready to Start Your Personalization Journey?

The PersonaFin Personalization Framework provides a strategic roadmap designed specifically for financial platforms. With distinct stages matched to your goals and resources,we guide you on maximizing personalization’s impact systematically.

Get in touch today to discuss how our methodology can help you start delivering hyper-personalized financial experiences tailored to your organization’s maturity.