Media Consensus isn’t just about the news; it’s about facilitating the research of your users. By ingesting and analyzing financial news sources, Media Consensus provides traders with a distilled view of what’s making waves in the news, from trending securities to sudden shifts in sentiment around particular topics. Media Consensus by PersonaFin offers a solution, turning the vast world of financial news & content into actionable insights.

Global Trending Stories

Sentiment Scoring: Monitor overall market sentiment and emotion in news coverage

Personalized Trending Stories

Anomalous Coverage: A view for the instruments that are trending across financial content sources

Seamless Integration

Sentiment Scoring: Our NLP analyzes emotion and positivity in news articles. Track sentiment shifts around stocks, sectors, and policies. Receive alerts when sentiment swings could signal volatility. With at-a-glance scores, users quickly gauge media positivity without reading every headline.

Search Suggestions

Anomalous Coverage: Our NLP and ML algorithms continuously analyze financial news to detect emerging stories, unusual coverage, and impactful events. By identifying deviations from typical reporting patterns, we empower your users to capitalize on major news early before the rest of the market reacts.

Ready to Facilitate the Research of Your Users?

With PersonaFin’s Media Consensus, you can transform your platform into a hub for analyzing and distilling the most impactful financial news.

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