Traditional financial newsfeeds hope that amongst the noise, users will find relevant content. However, this approach often leads to disengagement, with users turning to platforms merely for order execution. Enter PersonaFin’s Hyper Personalized newsfeed, a solution designed to curate content in real time specifically tailored to individual user interests, market relevance, and broader user trends.

Personalized Feed

Historic behaviors of the user and their cohort enable news feeds curated to the individual

Entity Recognition

Capable of associating relevant instruments with items of content


Deliver written, video and other forms of content from multiple publishers & sources through a unified feed

Suggested Content

Suggest content based on the current markets and users with similar interests

Personalized Feed

Every item of content that is surfaced to users through the feed is curated in real-time according to their historical behaviors on your platform including what they have been searching, reading and trading and more made possible by our finance specific Web Behavior Capture technology.


Retail trading volumes are at all time highs and the driver of decision making is content. Experience a unified newsfeed that amalgamates real time content from multiple sources & publishers, including your existing content partners and additional PersonaFin partners.

Entity Recognition

Our advanced content engine processes every piece of content, extracting relevant instruments & entities mentioned or alluded to, ensuring that the right content is delivered to the right users at the right times, eliminating noise within the feed.

Suggested content

While delivering user-relevant content is vital, we also believe in broadening user interests. Our system suggests content that might pique user interest, fostering a more comprehensive understanding of the financial landscape and deeper engagement with your offerings.

Ready to Elevate Your Content Game?

With PersonaFin’s Hyper Personalized Financial Newsfeed, you can transform your financial platform from a mere order execution tool to a comprehensive hub of relevant financial content.

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