Delivering high-performing content is an immense challenge for financial platforms, as not all content resonates equally with users. A press release may drive traffic with poor conversion, while analyst commentary converts extremely well. Without proper analytics, optimizing content ROI is impossible. PersonaFin’s Content Intelligence solves this by providing unparalleled insights across your content integrations, tracking every interaction to uncover the highest and lowest-performing content sources.

Optimize Content Strategy

Monitor how well various sources of content perform in terms of user engagement

Content Conversion

Monitor how specific content drives desired conversions like trade execution and instrument searches

Behavior Paths

Better understand the behaviors of your users shortly after they interact with specific items of content

Content BenchmarkinG

Compare the performance of integrated content sources against competing vendors

Optimize Content Strategy

PersonaFin’s Content Intelligence enables financial platforms to optimize content strategy by providing granular analytics on user engagement with integrated content sources like news, research, regulatory filings, and press releases.

Behavior Paths

PersonaFin’s Behavior Paths maps user journeys after content interactions to reveal engagement pathways. Tracking sessions post-content drives content optimization and site design to spur high-converting behavior flows.

Content Conversion

By tracking user journeys from content exposure to conversions like trade execution and instrument searches, platforms can identify the content that is most effective at driving these high-value actions. These insights allow financial platforms to double down on content that converts and deprioritize content that does not drive conversions.

Content Benchmarking

By tracking engagement analytics across content from different vendors, platforms can compare performance on metrics like clicks, time on site, shares, conversion rates, etc. This enables an apples-to-apples comparison to quantitatively rank which content offerings resonate most with users.

Ready to Optimize Your Content Strategy?

With PersonaFin’s Content Intelligence, you can transform your content approach using data-driven engagement analytics. Track performance across integrated sources to identify and promote high-ROI content while limiting poor performers.

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