Deepen Trader Engagement Beyond Order Execution

Retail trading platforms have historically prioritized transactional efficiency above all else. But the winds of change are shifting trader expectations beyond order execution.

Today’s traders seek an immersive, all-encompassing experience from their primary platform, negating the need to piece together fractured flows across third-party tools.

The trading platform of the future is a hub – not just for seamless trading, but for knowledge, community, insights, and personalized engagement. Traders demand a platform that intimately understands their behaviors and interests to deliver hyper-personalized experiences. They expect access to rich, integrated content and social tools that inform their trading decisions.

Personalized Content

Deliver relevant financial content to users that resonates with their interests & trading style

Actionable Insights

Facilitate the decision-making of users through the delivery of behavior-based insights

Monitor Content ROI

Better understand how users are engaging with platform features and content integrations

Segment Users

Gain deeper insights as to who individual users are and how they access the markets through your platforms

Personalized Content

Engage traders with financial content personalized to their unique interests, behaviors, and trading styles. Recommend the right articles, analysis, and education to the right users at the right times to provide value through existing user journeys. Build loyalty through relevance to ensure each trader feels your platform understands them.

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Actionable Insights

Surface actionable insights to users based on the behaviors of their wider cohort and other users on the platform. Facilitate the decision-making of users through a view for trending searches, content and suggested instruments that increase the diversity of instruments users show an interest in.

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Monitor Content ROI

Not all integrated content provides equal value. Identify high and low performers with granular analytics on consumption, engagement, and conversions across your chosen integrations. Quantify the ROI of each source. Optimize spending on partnerships that deliver, while eliminating those that don’t.

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Segment Users

Traders have diverse needs. Blanket, one-size-fits-all experiences frustrate and churn traders whilst granular segmentation allows for targeted communications. A deeper understanding of your users empowers marketing teams and internal stakeholders to tailor every message and product feature to resonate. Deliver the right experiences to the right segments at scale to build loyal advocates.

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Trades executed on your platform only tell part of the story - Let us tell the rest

While trades made on your platform can provide valuable insights into your users, they only offer a snapshot of a user’s journey. They fail to capture the extensive and nuanced interaction history leading up to each decision, the exploratory behavior, and the research undertaken.

That’s where PersonaFin steps in. By analysing the trades and every interaction users make on your platform, we unveil a comprehensive narrative of their financial intent. PersonaFin AI, reads between the lines, recognising the patterns that exist within user interaction datasets to tailor financial experiences to every individual.

Ready to Evolve Beyond Order Execution?

With PersonaFin, you can transform from a mere transactional platform to an ecosystem delivering hyper-personalized financial experiences to users worldwide.

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