Our Commitment to Data Privacy: Managing Mistakenly Ingested PII at PersonaFin

March 6, 2024


In the landscape of financial technology, where data drives decisions, it’s a common misconception that personal identifiable information (PII) is a necessity for platform functionality. At PersonaFin, we want to clarify a frequently asked question: our platform is designed to operate effectively without the need for PII. However, we recognize that mistakes happen, and sometimes PII may be inadvertently ingested. To address this, we have a comprehensive Data Deletion Policy in place, underscoring our commitment to data privacy and security.

Section 1: PersonaFin’s Approach to PII

Our platform’s unique capability lies in its ability to provide hyper-personalized financial experiences without relying on PII. This design choice not only respects user privacy but also aligns with our ethical standards. However, in the rare instances where PII is mistakenly entered into the PersonaFin Cloud platform, our Data Deletion Policy ensures responsible and effective handling of such data.

Section 2: The Data Deletion Policy Overview

The key aspects of our Data Deletion Policy include:

  • Identification of Mistaken Data: Through Data Discovery and Tagging, we can identify and separate PII from non-PII data, ensuring accurate isolation for deletion.
  • Robust Deletion Process: We have established a comprehensive deletion process, including evaluations with external systems, database dependencies analysis, and adherence to legal retention requirements. Each step, from scripting to execution, is carefully monitored and logged for compliance and transparency.
  • Post-Deletion Assurance: Ensuring the removal of PII data from backups and informing relevant stakeholders about the deletion process.

Section 3: Ethical AI and Data Privacy

Our commitment to Ethical AI is the foundation of our approach to data privacy. We abide by principles like Transparency, Fairness, Accountability, Empowerment, and Well-Being, which guide our development and applications of AI. These principles ensure that our AI-driven insights support decision-making without influencing trading decisions directly, thus fostering trust and transparency in our B2B relationships.

Section 4: Impact on Financial Services

Data privacy is a critical component in financial services. At PersonaFin, we ensure that our solutions, such as the Behavioral Intelligence and Content Intelligence tools, provide valuable insights while maintaining the highest standards of data privacy. Our technology is designed to enrich financial understanding in a secure and responsible manner.


As we frequently address queries about data privacy, we’ve condensed our Data Deletion Policy into this blog to provide a clear understanding of our stance and practices. PersonaFin’s commitment to data privacy is unwavering, ensuring our clients can trust us to handle data responsibly and ethically.

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For detailed insights into our Data Deletion Policy or to learn more about how our AI solutions can benefit your financial institution while adhering to the highest data privacy standards, please contact us. Our comprehensive policy is available upon request, reflecting our dedication to transparency and ethical practices.