Enable a Feedback Loop Between Your Authors and Their Readers

Content publishers have operated in the dark for too long – producing immense volumes of content without true insights into what readers want. But the guessing game ends now.

Today’s readers expect content tailored precisely to their interests. To captivate audiences, publishers require unprecedented visibility into reader behaviors and engagement trends.

With PersonaFin’s solutions, publishers can close the loop – establishing a direct dialogue between readers and authors. Our analytics shine a light on how different topics, formats, and authors resonate with your audience. You gain the power to optimize content strategies based on tangible reader data. Leading publishers are already pioneering this reader-informed content revolution with PersonaFin.

Personalized Content

Behavior-Driven Content: Allowing you to take an organic approach to content ranking

Actionable Insights

Engagement Trends: Identify areas of reader interest to help make content creation decisions

Monitor Content ROI

Transform Existing Journeys: Don’t disrupt your existing features, enhance them

Segment Users

Author Analytics: Gain an insight into the areas which individual authors perform best

Behavior-Driven Content

Forget manual content curation – let reader behaviors automatically determine ranking. By analyzing historic engagement patterns, platforms can organically spotlight trending topics readers care about most. Give users content that continuously evolves based on real interactions, not guesses.

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Transform Existing Journeys

Revolutionary new features can be powerful, but also risk disorienting users and rendering existing work obsolete. That’s why our solutions focus on working with you to enhance what you’ve built. We take a collaborative design approach to identify friction points and opportunities to optimize experiences without undermining existing foundations.

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Engagement Trends

Uncover exactly which instruments and topics resonate highest with your readers right now. Allow engagement analytics to guide both short-term trend stories and long-term content strategies. Reader interests change – ensure your content direction evolves in lockstep by listening to the data.

Author Analytics

Identify individual authors’ sweet spots across instruments, sectors, styles, and formats. Align author assignments and promotion to multiply readership of their best content. Help talented voices excel in domains where they resonate most by combining data-driven author insights with reader preferences for optimal matchmaking.

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Today's Web Analytics Only Tell Part of the Story - Let Us Reveal the Rest

Standard web traffic analytics provide valuable but limited insights. Page clicks only capture a snapshot, not the full reader journey. The data needs to see the evolving interests of each reader and the pathways that led to each article.

That’s where PersonaFin goes deeper. We uncover comprehensive engagement narratives by analyzing how readers interact across your site over time. Our AI recognizes patterns within usage data to tailor experiences to each individual.

We help you look beyond page clicks to understand your audience truly. How are their interests changing? Which articles lead to conversions? What paths engage them? The full story emerges beyond just top content rankings.

Standard analytics give partial visibility. PersonaFin uses engagement data to reveal the rest – empowering you to forge deeper reader connections through a full understanding of their needs and a predictive approach to their interests.

Ready to Elevate Your Content Game?

With PersonaFin’s solutions, you can transform your content strategy using data-driven insights into reader behaviors and engagement that help give your authors an understanding of the content that resonates with your users.

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