Unveiling PersonaFin AI’s Suite of Recommendation Engines: Tailoring Experiences for Financial Markets

March 6, 2024


In the dynamic world of financial services, the ability to provide tailored recommendations to users is vital. PersonaFin AI’s suite of recommendation engines is specifically designed to cater to the diverse needs of product owners and marketers in this sector. Each engine has unique features and use cases, making them powerful tools in personalizing user experiences. Let’s explore these engines and their practical applications.

1. Entities of Interest Recommender:

The ‘Entities of Interest’ recommender is a real-time personalization tool that identifies financial entities a user is currently interacting with or has shown interest in. It offers a ranked and scored list of these entities, focusing on current user engagement without considering cohort data. This engine is particularly useful for financial institutions looking to showcase immediate results and insights based on minimal data.

Use Cases:

  • For product managers: Tailoring user interfaces to highlight relevant financial entities.
  • For marketers: Creating targeted campaigns based on user’s current financial interests.

2. Recommended Entities Recommender:

This recommender curates entity suggestions by comparing a user’s behavior with that of similar users, providing recommendations based on collective interactions. It enhances user engagement by ensuring the relevance of content feeds through a feedback loop.

Use Cases:

  • Enhancing personalized content APIs.
  • Improving user engagement through relevant entity recommendations.

3. Recommended Search Recommender:

The ‘Recommended Search’ engine preemptively enhances user search experiences by recommending potential search interests derived from the user and their peers’ search behaviors. It provides pre-search data to inspire users with potential interests, distinguishing itself with its ability to anticipate user needs.

Use Cases:

  • Inspiring users with potential search interests before they even begin searching.
  • Enhancing the search experience by pre-emptively providing relevant suggestions.

4. Recommended Content Recommender:

This engine recommends financial entities for users to search, derived from user and peer interactions. It provides pre-search data, inspiring users with potential interests beyond their direct scope of awareness.

Use Cases:

  • Suggesting relevant financial entities for users to explore.
  • Broadening users’ horizons by introducing them to new, relevant topics.

5. Top Searches Recommender:

‘Top Searches’ identifies the most searched-for entities over the last 24 hours, updated every 15 minutes. This engine provides insights into popular searches, which can be incorporated into search navigation or other UI widgets.

Use Cases:

  • Keeping users informed about the most popular searches in the financial market.
  • Enhancing search navigation with trending topics.

6. Trending Searches Recommender:

This recommender identifies and validates search trends by monitoring the most increasingly popular searches over the last hour. It updates every 15 minutes and enhances user experience by providing insights into popular searches.

Use Cases:

  • Providing insights into emerging search trends in real-time.
  • Helping users stay updated with the latest financial market trends.

7. Search History Recommender:

The ‘Search History’ engine maintains a historical view of user searches, offering a full but audited history of the last 25 searches accessible via APIs. It normalizes varied search inputs and primarily serves as a user history log.

Use Cases:

  • Providing users with easy access to their recent search history.
  • Enhancing user experience by allowing quick revisitation of past searches.

8. Top Entities Recommender:

This recommender identifies the most engaged-with entities over the last 24 hours, providing a ranked and scored list based on any interaction type. Updated every 15 minutes, it offers insights into popular entities.

Use Cases:

  • Informing users about the most popular entities in the financial market.
  • Assisting in content prioritization based on user engagement.

9. Top Content Recommender:

‘Top Content’ maintains a detailed audited log of user content interactions, ensuring previously engaged content is not re-recommended. It serves as a historical record and plays a crucial role in enhancing the user experience by avoiding content repetition.

Use Cases:

  • Preventing repetition of content in user feeds.
  • Maintaining the freshness and relevance of content recommendations.

10. Trending Content Recommender:

The ‘Trending Content’ engine identifies and presents content gaining traction within the platform. It ensures relevance to the end user through a test-and-learn feedback loop, updating every 15 minutes.

Use Cases:

  • Introducing users to new, trending content related to their interests.
  • Enhancing content discovery and user engagement through up-to-date recommendations.


PersonaFin AI’s comprehensive suite of recommendation engines offers a range of tools designed to enhance user experience in the financial